Student Spotlight

In 2014, Ms. Dorsey, a young paraprofessional, decided to bring the Sidewalk Art Contest to the PACE Program.  When asked what motivated her to

incorporate fine arts into the curriculum, she quotes, “Because it gives kids a chance to create artwork using an uncommon media. Most would never think that you can create beautiful pieces of art using only sidewalk chalk. The contest idea came from my experience at Thornton Township High School. I

participated in the event every year that I attended. Because our kids need more positive recognition and encouragement in their lives, art can be a savior to some, I know it was for me.  And it can be a career choice that most don't know or explore. It is a wonderful feeling that I get, every year, when students ask if it will be taking place and how they will enter that year. I hope that it will lead to an art program that will be able to take place throughout the year.“

~ Ms. Dorsey